About Me

Hello. Welcome to my tiny little space on the internet. My name is Erni Hasmiza and my friends call me Erni. A Kelantanese. 

I'm a babysitter and trying harder to make them, my babies love me even more 😇

Currently a buyer of YA, Light Novels and Comics at my favorite bookstore in Kelantan. 

About This Blog 

I started this blog on January 1st 2016. 

My blog niche? A lifestyle blog, maybe? 

Make every effort to blog as much as I can. My mostly blog entries regarding to books, anime and some skincare products review also a little bit about my life will be fine for me to write about as long as it's not something that ignominious my family and myself. 

Decided to put my name as a blog title randomly because I can't even think about any unique title. Put your name will make you appreciate yourself much more.

Things I like
rain, mocha, green tea, books, ice cream, music, delicious food, anything that looks cute in my eyes, sleep and candy crush saga. 

Things I hate
writer's block, copycat, selfish people.
© Erni Hasmiza
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