I'm Erni Hasmiza. I'd start this blog with mija-blur [dot] blogspot [dot] com URL on January 1st 2016 in a quiet midnight moment when my family go to bed except me. 

I'll turn 24 years old in June 2018 and I'm currently a pretty proud babysitter at home. And not married yet. When I'm creating this blog, I'm just want a blog URL which is start with miza but I can't, because my Z keyboard is broken down so why not mija instead of miza, non? It's just super easy name to spell and to remember. 

Well, I'm a Malaysia-based blogger who loves blogging world to much. I love beautiful templates, awesome blog posts with an amazing images and more. An anime lover who is trying to take a good care of myself and my blog and attempted to update my blog often as possible as well. This blog is the place where I share my love with you guys for the little things in life - finding the perfect lipstick color, creating a peaceful morning routine, living in the simple life focused on the wellness and positivity. 

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