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Book Review : Gantung

Review Gantung by Nadia Khan

GANTUNG by Nadia Khan


Title : Gantung
Author : Nadia Khan
Publisher : Buku Fixi
Publication Year : March 2018
Edition : 17
Language : Malay
Pages : 293
Price : RM19.90
ISBN : 9489670374505

"Musketeer Code - no all for one, just one for all. "

Gibbs, Ray, KJ dan Troll - sekumpulan pelajar lelaki paling popular dan paling akrab di sebuah sekolah asrama elit. Mereka berempat mencipta Musketeer Code - peraturan yang tidak membenarkan sesiapa antara mereka mempunyai steady girlfriend, tetapi sebarang skandal amat dialu-alukan untuk dikongsi oleh semua.

Sehinggalah peraturan itu dilanggar... dan seorang awek psiko mencetuskan tragedi yang bakal menghantui hidup mereka semua. Kemudian --

It's already been a week since I bought Gantung by Nadia Khan, her second greatest and bestselling book also my first reading fiction book from Fixi last Friday so I think I should make a review. I can't denied that Gantung made me impressed with Nadia Khan. She made a great book. I should bought Kelabu and Gantung: 2,  sooner or later. Not forget to mention, I didn't watch Gantung The Series yet maybe will be or maybe not forever. Shrugging.

This 293 pages book with Gibbs, Ray,  KJ, Troll, Fara, the psycho bitch Deena, Jeff, Lina, Khalil and Cikgu as characters in Gantung, wrote by the superwoman, Nadia Khan. A bunch of love for Siqahiqa, because of her post Gantung The Series | Terpaksa Tonton Secara Haram Di Media Sosial, which is I re-read over and over again, then after few months, I bought Gantung. Few months Okayyy. If you not read Gantung book yet, I welcoming you to read my review and don't worry, I'll not make you dissapointed with me. I know I'm kinda late for the party but better late than never, right?

When I read Gantung, when it almost done, I read it with a mixed feelings, those happy and excited feeling only come up when the moment I saw the book on the book shelf Syarikat Muda Osman last week, when I touched it cover, when I was reading only few chapters of the book, took few days to make me realise how much good this book is when I started reading this. But when I almost finished, I realized that those happy excited feeling change to sad, my heart keep pounding hard, I'm sweating, my hand that holds the book is wet by sweat. Damn it.

Sometimes I can't fit it in my head, how can even a students can make out, a girl can get inside male student dorm without warden realising it but then I got it,  ELIT BOARDING SCHOOL. Only if you have a lot of money, you can do whatever you want, right. I'm not either a boarding school student, or rich kid but I always thought about what if in this school, there's group of boys with good looking, rich and sweet talker? Will I be tempted by their wealthy and looking? Hope no... boleh buat hancurkan zaman sekolah aku je kalau tergoda dengan mereka fufufufu.

I know the feeling. The feeling when we losing our loved ones. How it effects our life. It bashful but I'm crying right now. There's many, oh many, many and so much more my wish for Gantung. I wish four of them, Gibbs, Ray, Troll and KJ will be happily living with their families, got a job, family and so on. I wish Gibbs will get married with Fara, got six kids, bought SUV for his children and wife. Damn how much I wish that's can be real. Wishing Gibbs wishes will come true but it didn't.

This book, for me gives me a combination of scary, mystery, thrillers, funny, a bit of lovey dovey scene, friendship. With no no flashback scene or chapters. But still great by its own way.


  1. ha'ah sekolah elit, that's why bebas je. The Series pun best jugak, ada scene yang ditambah sebab the series cuma half dari novel :D

  2. Interesting!!


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