the love shack by jane costello

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


The Love Shack by Jane Costello was published by Simon & Schuster on 23 April 2015 with 496 pages. 

The Love Shack, an English book I bought for the first time at Popular bookstore  To be honest, I'd never buy any English book before, but The Love Shack totally make me. And also my first time read a book from Jane Costello, I'd never read any her book before but I do now. The Love Shack, the story is told from Dan and Gemma's perspectives, that's what makes this book different from the others books. You can know what the characters feel, thinking about or so. As an example, the first chapter is telling the story from Gemma's perspective, the next chapter is about Dan's and so on, Jane giving a continuous story from both sides and made me feel that this book is great for me because I'm know what's going on with both of them, what's they are thinking about, what happened to that day to them, how they're trying to do to not hurt their partner feeling so on. 

This book has it's own funny part, especially when it comes to Dan's mum part, Belinda. Staying with Dan's mum was Gemma idea, to make them have enough money to get their favorite house. I loves Dan's character. He's not a typical male character like other books you ever read.  He wasn't a chessy-romantic guy and over the top who has a lot of money. He's kinda an ordinary character who is has income and job and trying hard to make his girlfriend happy and comfortable with him. I don't know it's just me or not, but I'm not so into Gemma. There's no hate or something like that. But I don't like her, I don't know why. We, a human not perfectly good, imperfect, so do Gemma. But be honest is good thing in the world and for ourselves. With a better plot and dialogues. Also made me thinking about  my life. Hurmm I don't have my own house yet. I learnt that relationship needs a lot of work to keep a track but family, friends, careers and memories had a big role in this book. 

So,  Jane Costello, keep it up. Continue a great storyline and characters that can impress me and others. 

my nighttime routine

Sunday, 2 July 2017


I loves update my blog at night while others are asleep and having a snack or fettuccine carbonara on my bed ( don't be like me) with my bun hairstyle and nightshirt. I don't know about you guys but that's me. 
My night routine is nothing crazy or wrong but it seems works for me. Why I update my blog with this silly topic? Because,  I, myself who loves seeing what others morning and night routines are. You know,  some people just have different routine whether morning or night or afternoon based on our lifestyle.

Let's me start.

Are you done with the dinner? So please clean the kitchen first. Clean up your kitchen is not only wiping your table and then get a sleep. You can't leave your dirty dishes in the sink just like that unless you want any cockroaches or rats makes a party in your kitchen, then go ahead. 

After you brush your teeth and floss, I recommend you to rinse with LISTERINE Cool Mint Mouthwash to get a fresh breath with a cool mint flavors as well as its germ-killing power and will makes your mouth feels better after use it. 

Next,  continue with my nighttime skin care routine. Firstly, I washing my face with Nano White Awakening Snow Wash, which is suit very well with my combination skin then continue with Nano White Refining Treatment Toner then moisturizing my skin with Nano White Double Action Whitening Gel Cream. I used this moisturizer as my day and night cream instead of buy any night cream to to save my money hahaha. Know what,  I'm always reminding myself that I need an eyes cream to prevent any dark circles under my eyes but totally forgot about that and end up, I look like a panda. Sigh.

 The next step,  I will wash my feet before I climbing into bed to prevent myself from nightmares and also keeping my bedsheets from getting stinky and dirty.

Next,  I'll take medicine to avoid myself from epilepsy or we called it 'sawan'. That's why my umi always urged me to sleep early.

And scrolling down my twitter timeline.
And trying to update my blog then sleep. Goodnight.

xoxo, mija
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