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Friday, 7 April 2017


It's weekend baby. So I kept myself exploring beautiful blogger template at Esty and how much I wish I could have all the templates for my blog.  But you know, said easier than done. Absolutely, you need a money to get those templates and some of them are very expensive (RM200++ for a template? Urghh better not), just close your eyes when you see them so you're not fall over with them and purchase them. By the way,  this post isn't a review. 

So,  here we go. 9 blogger responsive template. :

1. Shirley

2. Halsey

 3. Uno 

 4. Floret

 5. Lena 

6. Sunset 

 7. Asterism 

 8. High Street 

9. Celandine

I loves all the templates above and hope I can purchase one of those soon ( after raya maybe?) 


  1. Ohhh Erni buatkan Siqah rasa nak tukar template. Oh NO! 😱 siqah suka Celandine dan Floret! Nak pergi terjah jap lah. Lama dah tak tengok template kat ETSY 😍

    1. Tu la..kalau terjah ETSY mesti rasa nak tukar template 😅😅 template blog Kat Sana semua cantik cantik..

  2. I had an eye on Halsey when I was trying to persuade myself for a cheaper template but then seeing that I had no sidebar made me cancel it.. hehe.. Shirley tak nampak pulak masa tu.. Nasib baik jugak tak nampak, kalau tak nanti dilema teruk.. haha


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