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Friday, May 12, 2017 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia


Long time no see. 
Recently, I've been trying a new apps from Google Play,  My Diary which is an apps from a movie Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) (my favourite anime 😍.) You guys should watch it ❤

Since this apps still a new ones,  the owner trying the best ever well yeah,  I hope she (she? How I can feel that's she is a woman? Not he's?) will makes this apps work better.
Like having a contact picture, music button and so on.

You can add any memos or another diary or contacts on your setting,  and delete or rename it. And set your location, about your feel and the weather when you write your day. 

If you wonder what mean by 10, that's mean October,  lol. Based on month when you wrote it. 

For me,  this apps quite cute diary apps ever.  I don't know if you have any diary-apps-like-this-and-more-cute-than-this-one please let me know.  Heh. 

This apps makes me fallen in love with it because there's not only as a diary ( don't worry, you can also upload photos, cool huh?) , as the name is.  You can also can save your contacts number and save your memos too. 

Well I don't know if my short review will makes you you and you to install this apps in your smartphone,  but if you are just like me, who loves diary apps and the cute ones,  just install it.  No doubt.

A diary-apps with 4.9 rating, a highest rating of the any diary apps. 

Apricot Blemish Control Scrub St Ives

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I'm already been a St Ives scrub user almost a year ago and today I am so excited to share about it with you guys.

Where to get it : Guardian / Watson 
Price : RM 19.90
Weight : 170 g

Rating : 4.5


As we know, scrubbing our face (and body too) is really important to us.  Scrubbing is working to removes dead skin cells in our skin and create a deep-clean skin. By removing dead skin cells, our skin will be glowing and we also got a healthy skin. 

Now,  let's me makes a little bit of review of St.  Ives scrub here. 

If you ask me what is the best scrub is, the answer of course St Ives scrub because for me,  it's the best exfoliater for my face ever. You know,  if I used another scrub product,  it'll dry out my skin which is I hate it so much but this St Ives scrub never dry out my skin and my face feels refreshed after used it. 

I loves the cream base textures and so grainy and it's scrub away my dead skin cells and leaves my skin feels so refreshed 
The smells of it is also nice which is not too strong but subtle enough to smell the apricot fragrance slightly. And also the packaging of it is easy to used and dispenses a good amount of scrub. St Ives scrub also very affordable and available in anywhere. 

But don't scrubbing your face too much and only used it twice a week to prevent overexfoliating and may break out your skin especially for sensitive skin cause it's gives a quite deep exfoliation. As for me which is makes me sticking with this one. 

Overall,  I'll always use this scrub. And St Ives user,  please put you hand up. 

book review | versus by hlovate

Sunday, April 09, 2017


Title : Versus
Author : Hlovate 
Pages : 432
Price : RM 19.00
Publisher : Jemari Seni Publishing 

Last my book review was January, reviewing Plain Jane. As for me,  it's quite hard to do book review unless you do understand that book very well,  inside and outside, explication and implication of the book. Like Fatina.

Versus is the five of the books by Hlovate, a mysterious Malaysian writer. Versus follows Minn Edina and Ashraff Omar, ( stands for Minn and AO ) life,  about an ex-skater and a skater and basketball player. Bought this book at Popular bookstore. Versus means we fight to be better than before and be more better than better, fight with old of us,  fight with our passion to be better.


Minn Edina met AO when her lecture, Mr.  Fernando wants she to help one of his student which is AO who is having a problem with his subject,  Business Management. At the first moment, both of them aren't going very well because Minn don't like AO bad attitude like,  come late to the first meeting because he was playing basketball and concealing from her.
All the things comes clean until AO and Minn bump into Minn ex-clans of Wrath, Rage, Cid, Fudge, and TJ at Ampang Point and AO discovered that Minn Edina was Ed'Sassin of Wrath, a sassy girl that he was adore. He's still adore her.

AO changes and trying to know what that makes Minn to changed from Ed'Sassin to Minn Edina. And he's trying to change himself. And that's makes Minn curious about what happened to him, that's force him to forthright. Later,  AO fly to Sydney to continue his degree,  said he was doing twinning program of degree. Then,  he back  after done with his degree and changed hundred percent and Minn felt curious again when it comes to Jasmin, an unknown girl who knows AO and called AO as a Ashraff.  Not AO as Minn called him. Which Minn have to stay together with her when joined a program at Cerakah for a summer programme for Australia-New Zealand students for the summer break and she described AO changes for good and not suitable with her and MIA after the program, leaving AO alone. And making friend with Jasmin then. Minn Edina reminding me of Iffi Liyana from Manisnya Cinta di Cappadocia,  leaving her man without an explanation or without listening to his explanation. It's totally suck.

Minn Edina then continue her Master in Commerce at Macquarie Uni and at the same time,  AO continues his Master to and they bump with each other, later Minn got spiked which is forced AO to proposed and married with her at the same time take care her with his whole life.
 As for me,  it's kinda scary when you're studying oversea and got spiked when you're alone without your family although somebody else might help you,  but I'm pretty sure still need my family no matter what.

Quotes of the Versus

...bukan mudah untuk berubah dari tanpa arah ke sejadah, dari tepi jalanan ke sujud menghadap Tuhan...

It's dangerous to stereotype, you know. Rule number one in behavioral science is to never assume.

If you forget of what you were,  you'd never be grateful of what you are. Ingat tu.  Perlu selalu bersyukur dengan what you're now,  and nonetheless before. Kadang-kadang benda tu kita lupa.

Ya Allah, I seek of you to grant me the best of my lady and the best of her qualities. Ya Allah,  I seek refuge with you to protect me against all the evils within. 

Skateboarding is not a crime. Nikah awal is not a crime. 

Now and then,  ey?
And here we are.
We used to be there,  though.
And now we're destined to be here. Together.
Ed'Sassin and AO?
Minn Edina and Ashraff Omar. 


Rating : 4.5

9 fav etsy blogger responsive templates

Friday, April 07, 2017


It's weekend baby. So I kept myself exploring beautiful blogger template at Esty and how much I wish I could have all the templates for my blog.  But you know, said easier than done. Absolutely, you need a money to get those templates and some of them are very expensive (RM200++ for a template? Urghh better not), just close your eyes when you see them so you're not fall over with them and purchase them. By the way,  this post isn't a review. 

So,  here we go. 9 blogger responsive template. :

1. Shirley

2. Halsey

 3. Uno 

 4. Floret

 5. Lena 

6. Sunset 

 7. Asterism 

 8. High Street 

9. Celandine

I loves all the templates above and hope I can purchase one of those soon ( after raya maybe?) 

favourite youtube channels

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


How are you guys been doing? Happy weekdays by the way 😆. Raining raining and raining and gloomy and raining again, I'd see how the weather wants me take my time to chill a bit.  What I mean by chill is bed + YouTube + dramas or movies.  Yup,  pretty much. So, this is the idea which is come up from my brain  to update my lovely dovey blog, which is start with a YouTube, to share with you my favorite YouTube channels that I have been watching since 2011. Not review of any kind of dramas or movies.


First, I found her on YouTube on the random video then I subscribe her channel cause I felt impressed with her makeup tutorials. From natural makeup to smokey eyes, from skincare routine to anything else you just name it. By the way, this Irish beauty blogger and vlogger also has her first ever book,  TheMakeupChair Handbook. I 

Athisha Khan

Oh Neelofa's younger sister,  Athisha Khan. She actually a blogger and now vlogger too.  I adore her writing style  and her videos. As  for me,  she is beauty with the brain ( I don't know why I said this but I think she's more better than Ameera) I'm jealous with her. Beautiful, rich, wisely, have such a big happy family and sweet boyfriend, Haikal. Now tell me why I shouldn't be jealous on her T_T.

How It Should Have Ended

Nothing films ending are better than this one. I subscribed them. Oh yeah they're makes a great animated parody alternate endings to major motion pictures which is makes them farcical.

So there's only YouTube channels that I have subscribed for now. Don't worry, there's a lot of YouTube channels will be coming on this blog and I'll full of guts to share with you guys. 

birthday surprise !

Monday, March 20, 2017


First at all, I want to say Happy Birthday Lazada. Lazada have been 5 year old already well and maybe they should get ready for school tomorrow. Oops,  I almost forgot, we're in school holiday season right now so no school for a week. Yeppy. 

I bet children love school holiday more than us,  because we,  as a adult, school holiday is nothing for us. We're still got a job to do.  When you don't get a job, means no money and when you don't have any money, means no shopping and when no shopping you'll be stress out and when you got stressful, pimples will comes around and  you guys gonna be mad. I'm serious. 

We are ladies and ladies needs a shopping treatment so we're not gonna kill ourselves.
Just kidding. And to make this school holiday be much better than before, and to make your children holiday season be like wonderful time ever of course we need to take  a break from work for a while and go to shopping with our family or friends.

For their 5th anniversary, Lazada makes a great offers and deals with the many items and available products will be offered during the 3-day sale 22 to 24 March 2017 only, so we could grab this opportunity as fast as possible before this huge offers expires.

There a lot of fun at Lazada when it comes to offers.

And there's more than that. Unbelievable, Acer Aspire ES14 gave discount for 37% around. And there also have Samsung Galaxy A7 but don't worry I will stick with my Vivo Y66.

Hurry up,  install Lazada latest version on Android and enjoy your special offers. 

march favorite songs


Here I am, from Soundcloud to Spotify. Finally. Thanks to Nadia actually sebab berjaya buat I terpengaruh. Thanks again. 

Hope you guys have fun listening to my playlist. Feel free to follow me at

shopping with shopee MY

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I have to admit that I addicted to shopping thru online. Unbelievable, I also buy my skincare products thru Guardian online right now because err because I'm a little bit lazy tho. It's all Plain Jane fault. Because I bought her through online and I felt so much good on it. Well,  you don't have to get ready to waiting the bus or asked your abah help to accompany you to buy something. Not anymore. 

So, get back to the topic I knew this apps through Namee Roslan blog and thanks Kak Namee by the way. Shopee have everything in between. From head to toe, from makeup to clothing and accessories and technology. Awesome.

What I like about Shopee apps is, if you buy any products and make a payment, Shopee protects us by releasing the payment to the seller upon buyer confirming receipt of the order. Once us (the buyer) accepts the order, the payment will be released to the seller. Meaning, our money safe with Shopee. And if we received wrong products or damage products or we don't receive our products, we can request refund/return product before our payment released to the seller , I mean before you tap on Accept Order. Then,  you got your money back.

So, if you have preloved items, you can sell it here. It's easy apps I have ever. And I bet you know what I am.
 A night owl. 

looking for souvenirs?

Friday, March 10, 2017


As for me,  giving or got some souvenirs much better than gifts,  I don't know maybe it's just me. Well yeah the cheapest souvenir is also souvenir, non? Mostly,  people giving souvenirs for their beloved ones whether family or friends or their partner as a reminder to them as the special one in their life. Me too. How I wish my family or friends could give me the souvenirs as a their love of me, clingy you.

Well,  you're not always got travel or vacation in the world to relax and enjoy and got some extravagant  souvenirs for your beloved ones from any country or state or any fun places in anytime you want to,  that's why when I came across Shapeways site,  I got fascinated by their designs. Well,  you're still can give souvenirs without a vacation or travelling but came across their website, Shapeways 3D Printing  

The cutest souvenirs ever.

Jumping Leopard Bracelet Cuff

Rocket Espresso Cup

Your Secret Heart Espresso Cup (Small)

Bracelet Black Panther

Helix Bracelet

Elegant Bracelet

I loves coffee cup and bracelet like so much. Oh and ring too, sorry cause I don't have the ring photos maybe you should have the cute little ring too by pay a visit to their website at here too and got some souvenirs for yourself too. 

be happy

Thursday, March 09, 2017


At the first,  I don't know  why 'Be Happy' for my entry this time. That's so random  duhh. I know  I've been  MIA for the long way ago and I'm sorry. I am. It's all writer block fault,  why he always came to me when I don't need him ( Don't ask why I called my writer block as him although writer block not so gender things).  So it's time  to update  my lovely blog and hugging them tightly. It's clingy enough Erni,  you better stop it right now >.<

I loves music and I know I keep replaying these two songs over and over, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (my favorite ones this year) and Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey (still the best ones) and I can't wait to new one, Memories... Do Not Open. And yeah I know almost of us are music lover. Oh maybe you guys should listen to Supermarket Flowers and How Would You Feel (Paen)  by Ed Sheeran too (urgh why eh I keep recommend Ed Sheeran songs)

By the way, I'm getting married soon and congrats to myself. Just kidding, people. Maybe I'll publish my next blog post next year, buddies. Kidding again.

Writer block totally suck but I still loves my blog. 

year one

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Hi everyone.

Mija Blur turns one today, it's have been a year since I made this blog, thank you so much to you, you and you who sticking around this blog since beginning. This blog would be nothing without you guys. Thanks a lot people. Ahh well this post should be published on January but I forgot, it's doesn't matter when I gotta to publish this entry actually.

One year isn't that long and I still not very familiar with kinda things especially blog post, it's still suck (when I'm read it) and I felt like it's a 7 years old kid who write all these blog posts T_T.

book review | plain jane by nurul syahida

Monday, January 23, 2017


Read another Nurul Syahida books review here,  here and here

Title : Plain Jane 
Author : Nurul Syahida 
Pages : 364
Price : RM 16.90
Publisher : Buku Prima 

I bought this novel through online and it's takes almost a week to arrived and totally worth the waiting. I'm tried to find this Plain Jane at all bookstore in Kota Bharu but I can't find it, of course because the book was published in 2008 and no wonder it's quite hard to get it. So, the best decision I have ever made is bought it thru online. 


Plain Jane was a second book by Nurul Syahida which is the best ones I've ever read. Plain Jane follows story of Balkis, Zaniel and her family and friends, which is come with Balkis met Zaniel and changed her life 100%. It's started when she was doing a group project but isn't going very well when Zaniel accused Balkis of trying to cheating on people by pretending to be a paralysis person. Then they were meet again and again and hooked up and being a like Romeo-Juliet sweet Malay version couple. The romance between Balkis and Zaniel is told from Balkis's of view as she narrated the story from cover to cover.

It's all started when Balkis accentuating Zaniel than her family,  friends, and her study too which makes her feel depressed. It's also made her relationship with Lilee and Apis Milo become into soured and fall to pieces. 
Balkis then realized her mistake and trying to breakup with Zaniel at the same time Zaniel proposed her which is makes him fed up with her and trying to mollify her and failed when Balkis asked him her full name. She also say sorry to her family and friends and Apis Milo and been better, she also hooked up with Apis Milo. 

This book told me about trying to love yourself first then loves the other one is really important. What is meant by love the other one is you have to loves her or him by all,  accepting their weaknesses and all of the top. Not ever thought about to trying change her or him from head to toe. 
I'm also know what the feeling to built a new life with a  rich person but what is the point when they're trying to change you to be like them, dress up like them,  walk around like them,  these things that you're off the beaten track, that word which is called as an awkward.

Just loves your beloved partner as well as the first one, accept them as who they are, good and bad as how Apis Milo accept Balkis as she is, he knows Balkis very well unlikely Zaniel who is trying to change Balkis from who she is. 

Quote of the Plain Jane 

Kadang-kadang kita perlukan drama dalam hidup untuk menambahkan rencah dalam cerita yang bakal kita ulang kepada anak cucu. Khir adalah 'bunjut dalam sup' hidup aku ini,  ia menambahkan rasa namun bukan untuk ditelan. 

Awak ikut protokol dan awak rasa memberitahu saya yang awak cintakan saya dan mendapat pengesahan yang saya cintakan awak adalah cara bercinta yang ideal.  Kadang-kadang kita tak perlu menyebut 'Saya Cintakan Awak' untuk memberitahu seseorang yang memang kita cintakan dia. Cukup dengan hanya menunjukkannya,  mengambil tahu,  memahami. 

Aku tak perlukan fantasi itu. Semudah itu untuk menjadi diriku. 


Rating : 5 stars. 

happy birthday, abah

Monday, January 16, 2017


I'm love my abah. He's my hero, my everything and I know nobody can replaced him in my heart. I know it's already too late to wish him a birthday wish, but who cares.

By the way, May Allah bless you always. What a lucky I am having a abah like you. You're a great abah and I'm always happy having you in my life.

#flashback 2016

Wednesday, January 04, 2017


First at all, happy new year everyone. I hope all of you having a blast new year celebration no matter with who you celebrate, family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend except with your ex. This is my first post on 2017, Hoho so let's makes some recap.

1. Top Songs on SoundCloud
    1. We Don't Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez
    2. Bayang - Khai Bahar.
    3. Katakan - Harris Baba
    4. Faded - Alan Walker
    5. Closer - The Chainsmokers

2. Being a blogger
I'd  decided to make a fresh start on January 2016 by created another blog and focus on it. Not about making money with my blog but trying to fix my writing skill and keep reminding me who I want to be actually. And I figure out something, being a blogger makes me happy.

3. Being an aunty
Olala nothing better than knowing that you'll be an aunty and got anak saudara. If you guys already have anak saudara, I'm pretty sure you know how I felt. Happy. Exciting. And everything in between. And when Damia start crying and smiling oohh I am so happy.

I'm really hope that's 2017 will be (not something like '2017, please be nice to me bla bla bla' penat aku!!) a better than last one. Just trying to be more better lady than better, fought to live no matter how bad life treat you and please please please myself, your writing skills like budak darjah 1 oh T^T

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